Plot for sale in Ghaziabad


We are in the real estate domain for the last 20 years and have established a prosperous company. The company has maintained its vision to create standards in real estate.1BEEGHA’s Plot for sale in Ghaziabad Exactly located on 6 Lane NH 24/9, Delhi-Ghaziabad Upper Ganga Canal Expressway. The township sprawling in the area of 185 acres with an abundance of lifestyles so that one can have their world.

Plot for sale in Ghaziabad

Property Details

Plot for sale in Ghaziabad
Plot for sale in Ghaziabad

Plot for sale in Ghaziabad
Property Highlights

Fully developed campus with all basic and advanced amenities.

24-22 wide black metallic internal road.

High-Security Surveillance of entry and exit of society.

24 X 7 water and power supply.

Gated campus with 6 feet height boundary with separate entry and exit concept.

Street light on every poll throughout the campus.

Ample for car parking of the visitors & Ample greenery throughout the campus.

Commercial shops are located for the fulfillment of daily needs.


benefits of investing in a plot for sale in Ghaziabad

Low Investment

Did you know a plot has additional benefits over a ready-to-move-in house? Each has its own drawbacks, however. Plot & land is cheaper than residential apartments, so it is a good capital investment for those who have a lower budget.

Higher returns

Land or plots have always shown higher returns in ghaziabad. If you have plot in an area with good infrastructure, the price of the land will be more appreciated. Investing in this will save you money and guarantee a higher return in the future.


It’s a great way to build the house of your dreams! It would be your choice to design and build your home according to your tastes and preferences so that you would sleep in it comfortably. Since people are likely to build houses to remain in them for an extended time, it’s good to possess a house one would really like everything about. The land can always be sold to someone who is looking to construct a commercial or residential building if you do not want to build a house. Plot investment returns are alarmingly high.

Why invest in Plot for sale in Ghaziabad

Plot for sale in Ghaziabad

Many people find it difficult to choose between a ready-to-move house or buying a 1Beegha's plot at Ghaziabad and building their dream home. A ready-made home is a good option for people who instantly want to move in and settle in their household. However, with the already made homes, there is mostly time no scope for any kind of advancement. So, if you feel that you might have to add to the features of your house in the later future, then a 1Beegha's provide a plot for sale in Ghaziabad will be a better idea.

When people buy a Plot for sale in Ghaziabad and build a ready-to-move home, you are in the position to move and start living there, However, when people buy 1Beegha,s a Plot for sale in Ghaziabad, you get the freedom of choosing, i.e. it can be designed to suit your taste and style.

The value of land is much higher than that of shares and bonds because it is a tangible asset. 1Beegha's plots & Land prices are constantly rising. There might not be a very large return on this type of investment, but it is sure to appreciate very well in the future.

1Beegha Plots carry good resale value as well. 1Beegha's Plot for sale in Ghaziabad is a well-known fact that multiple prefer buying land & plot and then building their own home in line with their taste and style. Due to this flexibility on offer, plots are very much in demand.

In addition to the Plot in Ghaziabad, you get to live a more organized and less stressful life at 1Beegha. 1Beegha is a future Smart City, and the extensive use of technology will give you a more satisfactory quality of life. A better security system, cleaner environment, green spaces, and more amenities will be offered. It will be eco-friendly as well as planned and maintained.